NFL Pools @ Colossus

Colossus Bets offers pool betting games which require you to select the results (both exact scores and outcomes) of sporting events.  Amounts staked will be placed into Colossus Bets pools and winning players will share relevant pool proceeds.

This acts like a survival or elimination office pool so popular in the US.

Colossus Bets offers minimum guaranteed prizes on all pools.

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NFL Pools @ Betfair

Betfair was founded around its pioneering Betting Exchange, cutting edge technology which enables customers to come together and bet against each other, rather than against a bookmaker.

Today Betfair's Exchange processes over 1.2 billion bets a year, with a trading value of £56 billion. To put this into some context this is more transactions than all the major European Stock Exchanges combined.

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NFL Pools @ Matchbook

Matchbook is a leading NFL wagering service in Europe that focuses on US Sports.

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How does Pool Betting Work?